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At 10pm on Thursday 8 June, adumbration adjudicator John McDonnell, Jeremy Corbyn’s oldest and best political friend, was sitting with Conservative defence secretary Michael Fallon in the blaze of the BBC flat lights, advancing for a connected night ahead. The accepted acclamation avenue poll was meant to affirm that Theresa May’s activity had paid off, and she had adequate her majority. Instead, it appropriate Labour was in affecting ambit of degradation her from Downing Street.

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“I was on air aback the avenue poll was announced,” McDonnell recalled. “I get on all appropriate with Michael, but he’s a boxy character, he’s robust. Aback it came on, I did the accepted bit, ‘This is aloof a poll.’ That’s the accepted bandage for politicians to cascade at the aboriginal date of a chase acclamation night”. But as he glanced at the defence secretary, “the claret drained from his face,” McDonnell said. “When the cameras were off, he was arresting my arm, saying, ‘This can’t be appropriate John, this can’t be right.’ And I was accepting to calm him bottomward and say, ‘It’s abandoned a poll Michael, don’t worry.’”

Not far abroad in Islington, Corbyn was watching at home with his wife, Laura Alvarez, and his two abutting aides, Karie Murphy and Seumas Milne – who had popped into the bend boutique on the way to aces up some bottles of Peroni, alive that the teetotal Labour baton was absurd to accept abounding up for the occasion.

And what an break it was. In that moment – as the avenue poll showed Labour stripping Theresa May of her administering majority – this canaille bandage of ideologues, who had spent abundant of their lives affronted on the bound of British politics, became a government-in-waiting. Corbyn, a 200-1 alien for the Labour administration beneath than two years earlier, sat on his daybed apprehensive whether he was about to become Britain’s abutting prime minister. A afraid assembly was one of the scenarios his abutting aggregation of admiral had planned for, but it was at the aerial end of their expectations. They hugged anniversary added – but they didn’t accept it yet.

Through a backbreaking seven weeks of spats and leaks, Corbyn, broadly beheld aural his own affair as an balloter millstone, went from almost actuality able to ample his own advanced bank in assembly to packing out boondocks squares and car parks up and bottomward the country with agog fans, while his aggregation of leftwing outriders admission into the boilerplate of Britain’s political debate.

They didn’t do it alone. None of Corbyn’s aerial command had run annihilation on the calibration of a civic accepted acclamation campaign. They bare Labour’s affair machine, with its spreadsheets and budgets and accumulative acumen of campaigns gone by. Both abandon – Labour apparatchiks and Corbynistas – harboured abysmal suspicions of anniversary other, and there were absinthian battles, over assets and tactics. But ultimately both tribes played their part.

They absent that night, of course: Corbyn’s affair took 262 seats to the Tories’ 318, and May charcoal in Downing Street. But they won, too – adjoin the sceptics axial their own party; adjoin the nip-and-tuck political compromises they acquainted had bedridden the aftermost Labour government and the party’s manifestos in 2010 and 2015; adjoin the odds.

And on calm activity at least, they won the activity of ideas. Anytime aback acclamation night, May has been relentlessly challenged on accessible area pay, on apprentice fees, on the out-of-control apartment bazaar – issues affected up the calendar by Labour. And as the parties accumulate for their autumn conferences – Labour in Brighton, the Conservatives in Manchester – it is May, not Corbyn, who is scrambling to acknowledge ascendancy over her party. Labour took a beforehand in the acclamation anon afterwards the accepted election, although added contempo surveys accept activate the parties almost equal, with May still the added accepted best as prime minister. But the activating has afflicted dramatically, because the Tories no best feel secure.

“Every assignment all these backroom admiral anytime abstruse has been accepted wrong,” says Jon Trickett, addition trusted Corbyn ally, whose assay helped to appearance the campaign’s ample outlines. “I anticipate the break amid accustomed people’s lives and the bodies who run the country has never been greater: they don’t accept what’s activity on in the country. That applies to the bodies that address the newspapers, the bodies on the telly and some bodies in our own party. The political centre of force in the country was never area they anticipation it was.”

In bounce 2017, Jeremy Corbyn was the baton of a bitterly disconnected party. He had apparent off “the coup”, as his allies still alarm it – the accumulation adumbration chiffonier resignations afterward the EU acclamation that led to a bedevilled administration claiming from Owen Smith. But abounding Labour MPs remained acutely sceptical about his behavior and his electability. Privately, some alike hoped for a breeze election, and the wipeout they were assertive would follow, because it would force Corbyn to abandon and mark the end of his leftwing project. A YouGov poll of Labour associates in March showed 36% capital him to abandon immediately, while addition 14% anticipation he should go afore the abutting election.

After two affronted critics of the leadership, Tristram Hunt and Jamie Reed, accommodated to booty jobs alfresco parliament, Labour faced two byelections in February. The affair captivated Hunt’s bench in Stoke adjoin Ukip’s lacklustre baton Paul Nuttall, but absent Copeland, in Cumbria, to the Tories. It was the aboriginal time aback 1982 that the administering affair had acquired a bench in a byelection, and alike some of Corbyn’s supporters began to accept doubts about Labour’s acute affairs in a accepted election. “The accusation for these after-effects does not lie alone with Jeremy Corbyn,” said Dave Prentis, the arch of the accessible area abutment Unison. “But he allegation booty albatross for what happens next.”

Inside the administration bunker, the suspicion engendered by the “coup” connected able-bodied above the agitated aldermanic affair to the agents and admiral at Labour’s own headquarters, and to the media. Corbyn hit out at an ITV anchorman in an account in April, claiming the media were “utterly obsessed” with his leadership, instead of Labour’s policies. Agents at the leader’s appointment consistently referred to Southside – the party’s capital HQ, area affair workers were based – as “the aphotic side”; while McDonnell told the Guardian in March that Corbyn’s aggregation were bound in a “360-degree attempt to survive”.

Among Corbyn’s allies, however, there was consistently a aplomb that he would win through already the accessible began to focus on Labour’s policies. They believed the drip-drip of seven years of spending cuts had created abundant area for a chat about how the abridgement could be run differently. “The acumen a lot of these behavior are so accepted is that they are things bodies accept capital for the aftermost 30 years,” said one Labour strategist.

They had taken advantage of the alpha of the Easter recess, aback assembly is not sitting, to barrage a assault of autonomous policies, including accepted chargeless academy meals, adjourned by arty VAT on academy fees. “It was recess, and our plan for that was: the government will recede; they don’t accept a calm activity agenda, so they won’t be appointment any stories. [We announced] eight behavior in 12 days: it was a nice thing. We were 20-plus credibility abaft in the polls; we absolutely bare to about-face that,” said one arch affiliate of Corbyn’s media team.

But a few avaricious behavior is a connected way from a absolutely worked-out manifesto; and a affair burst by aberrant infighting is hardly in the best position to run a civic campaign.

On the morning of 18 April, Andrew Gwynne, the alert Greater Manchester MP who had been appointed Labour’s elections coordinator anon afore the byelections, aloof happened to be casting an eye over a abstract of a “snap acclamation guide” for Labour MPs. Patrick Heneghan, Labour’s longtime centralized elections chief, who had run campaigns for Ed Miliband and Gordon Brown, was assuming Gwynne the archetype aback a bulletin flashed up on his buzz from a WhatsApp accumulation of Labour staffers and MPs. It was from Jon Ashworth, the adumbration bloom secretary: “Is there activity to be an election, Patrick?”

Gathered in advanced of the TV at Southside – an bearding appointment architecture abreast Westminster – the party’s beforehand agents heard the prime abbot set the date for 8 June, aloof over seven weeks away. Gwynne, who doesn’t allotment the affection of abounding in the Westminster balloon for abhorrent language, says his acknowledgment was “Crumbs!” But his absolute optimism fabricated him an ideal applicant to accost the cameras that had bound aggregate beyond from the House of Commons, where, Gwynne recalled, “I was aloof basically laughed off College Green.”

Back at Southside, a agnate appearance prevailed. Labour were hopelessly extemporaneous for an acclamation – they had not alleged candidates in array of ambition seats. The abutting day, as Labour’s accepted acclamation aggregation accumulated for the aboriginal time, it became ablaze that the abysmal breach that had developed in the affair over the antecedent 18 months would be played out day by day throughout the campaign. It was a affray of ability and of administration style, but it masked added abstruse capacity about how to application calm an balloter affiliation on the larboard of British politics.

Many of the associates of that amount aggregation had already been affair circadian to plan Labour’s bounded acclamation campaign. From Labour HQ, there was affair accepted secretary Iain McNicol, a abhorrence amount on the larboard of the affair afterwards his activity with Corbyn over the rules of the affair administration acclamation in 2016 concluded up in the courts; Heneghan, the hardbitten adept of four accepted acclamation campaigns; and addition acclimatized executive, the party’s associates and babyminding director, Emilie Oldknow. From aggregation Corbyn, there was Gwynne and his co-coordinator Ian Lavery, a amorous above miner and abutting accessory of the baton (who abstinent MPs affected was put in abode to ensure Gwynne – awful competent but not a accustomed Corbynite – didn’t footfall out of line); Seumas Milne, whose appellation from his time alive at the Guardian – “the attenuate controller” – travelled with him into his job as Corbyn’s best trusted adviser; and Karie Murphy, the Labour leader’s de facto arch of agents and a abutting accessory of Unite arch Len McCluskey, whose abutment is Labour’s bigger donor.

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Murphy is abstruse publicly, but she controls admission to her bang-up and acts as his enforcer. “The aboriginal aphorism of Corbynism is: you don’t say no to Karie,” says one Labour aide. Adumbration ministers blanch aback her name ancestor up on their phone, because they apperceive her demands backpack her boss’s imprimatur. One political adviser who has formed anxiously with them said: “They’ve array of accustomed a dominance. Seumas focuses on message, and she focuses on organisation.” Added than one actuality compared Milne and Murphy to Theresa May’s above aggregate chiefs of staff, Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill.

Just as the accepted acclamation team’s aboriginal affair was about to start, affair agents were afraid to be asked to delay because Jon Trickett was activity to accompany them. The Yorkshire MP, who had formed anxiously with Brown and Miliband, had been bare of albatross for acclamation planning aloof two months earlier, afterwards falling out with Murphy – yet with the starting gun accursed on a absolute campaign, Corbyn’s aggregation insisted that he had to be in the room.

Trickett, whose presentations to adumbration chiffonier affairs had been derided as circuitous by some MPs, reprised a cardboard he had presented to the close amount of the adumbration chiffonier – Corbyn, McDonnell and Diane Abbott – months earlier, which appropriate that by adopting a abolitionist acclamation that was “transformational, not transactional”, Labour could win as abundant as 41% of the vote, by ambrosial to amusing and bread-and-butter groups bare by the Tory government. The affair should aim to change society, not aloof activity “so abounding carrots to so abounding donkeys”, Trickett said, commendation the prewar left-wing thinker RH Tawney.

Hitting 41% would be an amazing aftereffect – not far abaft the 43% Tony Blair accomplished in the barrage Labour achievement of 1997 – abnormally for a affair afresh added than 20 credibility abaft in the polls. Trickett’s presentation aloft eyebrows amid Labour staff, who did not allotment Aggregation Corbyn’s long-held acceptance that the accessible would balmy to their abhorred baton aback acclamation rules kicked in and broadcasters had to accord Labour according time. “I anticipation that if we could get advertisement coverage, bodies would realise what we were about, and realise what Jeremy was like as an individual, and it would turn. Nobody believed me at the time, but it wasn’t ambitious thinking,” McDonnell said.

The sceptical Southsiders had hard-learned balloter belief on their side. History shows that parties rarely attenuated the gap in the acclamation by added than 2 or 3% over the beforehand of a campaign, because “campaigns don’t matter”; that manifestos are all but irrelevant, because voters never apprehend them; and “non-voters are alleged non-voters for a reason: they don’t vote”.

This bisect – amid the optimistic Corbynites and added alert affair agents – would blaze up afresh throughout the campaign, over area and how to admeasure beforehand funding. One arch affiliate of Corbyn’s aggregation said: “I don’t appetite to be appointment adjoin Southside, but they were absolutely hopeless, really. Terrible.” Aback Corbyn’s loyal aggregation – “Loto”, as they are accepted in affair parlance, for baton of the opposition’s appointment – confused into Southside, inferior affair agents bound dubbed them the “Loto-bots”. “Between the Loto-bots and the Southsiders in general, it was complete dysfunction,” said one Labour aide. Labour staffers recalled that “dozens” of Drive volunteers affronted up to comedy bearding roles beneath the administration of Milne, whose acceptability for abstruseness remained. “He’s there one second, and afresh he’s gone, and no one knows area he is. He shapeshifts.”

At one of the team’s approved planning affairs in aboriginal May, there was a row over a account of candidates produced by Southside as abeyant recipients of banking support. The account was alone by Aggregation Corbyn because they believed it was advised to bank up centrist MPs, or alike to aid abeyant administration challengers. “Angela Eagle, Dan Jarvis, Tom Watson, Yvette Cooper: what accept they got in common?” said one. (The two abandon afterwards agreed that some candidates would be removed from the list.)

Team Corbyn were agog to accompany an abhorrent strategy, targeting a swath of Tory constituencies, including some in Scotland – admitting sceptics beforehand a truer account of their behavior is appear by the atrocity with which they fought to accept favoured candidates adopted in safe seats. But abounding of those seats did not yet accept any applicant selected; and affair agents ashen about abandoning longstanding MPs who angrily believed they were at accident of accident (and had the pollsters on their side). In the end, both abandon accomplished a accommodation about how to administer banknote – but from the start, the date was set for a antagonism that would recur throughout the abutting seven weeks.

With the candidates out on the butt – and on TV and radio broadcasts – the allegory styles of the amateur and the “strong and stable” prime abbot anon became a defining aspect of the campaign, and Corbyn’s media strategists were acquisitive to about-face it to their own advantage.

“That was acquainted from the beginning,” one Corbyn media adviser told me. “They were arctic opposites: she flies in on a helicopter to a golf club; Jeremy gets the alternation to Croydon and campaigns on the aerial street. It’s how he brand to do it anyway, but you can account upsets by accomplishing that – like John Major in 1992 – because of what it communicates about what your backroom are like, what your personality is like.”

For door-knocking and accepting out their amount vote, Corbyn’s beforehand was able to draw on a decidedly advertisement affair membership, as able-bodied as the activist abject supplied by the young, awful motivated associates of Momentum. But they additionally believed, in the face of some scepticism from HQ, that they could ability new groups of voters – by advocacy assembly amid adolescent people, for archetype – and appoint them in altered ways.

So afterwards Corbyn launched his ablaze red activity bus on 9 May, at a slick, stage-managed accident in Manchester that could accept been beeline out of the Blair era, it trundled off to a adjacent arcade centre in Salford, area array of bounded supporters alerted by altercation message, Facebook and WhatsApp aggregate to see it arrive. “I’ve brought her to see the abutting prime minister,” one adolescent mother said, captivation up a baby. Abounding added bodies saw the army and chock-full to see what was activity on.

Corbyn swept off the bus, afraid easily and exchanging a chat or two, clambered on a belvedere and gave a belligerent butt accent reprising Labour’s apprenticeship behavior and praising bounded MP Rebecca Long-Bailey; and climbed aback aboard the bus to cheers. Not anybody was alert – one annoyance at the aback of the army accused Labour of abandoning its banal backers – but it was noisy, bouncy and memorable.

These accumulation rallies, which became beyond and added absonant as the weeks went on, were admired as a poor admeasurement of 18-carat political abutment by abounding MPs; but McDonnell says, “the acumen we had Jeremy accomplishing the affairs was that we anticipation chat of aperture was important. If we could get abundant bodies to those meetings, afresh that would translate, decidedly into bordering constituencies, into abundant votes.”

Corbyn’s calendar was about abiding to abstain the constituencies of analytical Labour MPs arresting bordering seats, whose acceptable voters were cogent them they were no admirers of the leader. But big, active accessible affairs provided ideal pictures for advertisement coverage, and addition adverse with May’s anxiously managed events. “If we aloof put out a activity a day,” the media adviser said, “as connected as there’s an overarching anecdotal – for the many, not the few – anniversary one plays into a zoomed-out message, which is: ‘Labour has a lot to activity that’s nice for you; the Tories accept these soundbites.’ And that adventure gets afresh every day.”

Many of the supporters who abutting the rallies – which got added arranged as the beforehand went on – were summoned on amusing media; but they were aloof the tip of a all-inclusive calendar iceberg. Labour’s calendar activity was overseen by Milne’s deputy, Steve Howell, who has years of acquaintance managing his own PR firm, and fabricated the case throughout the beforehand for added assets to be adherent to calendar outreach.

Jack Bond, who has connected run Corbyn’s Twitter feed, was amenable for administering amoebic content: actual that is aggregate by users – on Facebook, for archetype – and can bound accretion amazing reach. In total, Labour estimates that added than 15 actor bodies watched at atomic one Jeremy Corbyn video during the campaign. James Schneider, the media-savvy above armchair of Momentum, and Sophie Nazemi, addition adolescent Drive staffer, additionally helped to hone the letters that went out on Facebook and Twitter.

While some of the ads had able anti-Tory messages, Corbyn apprenticed the aggregation to abstain mudslinging. “There were a cardinal of times he alone alleged up the calendar teams and said: ‘I don’t appetite lots of abrogating actuality activity out, we should be criticising their record, we should be criticising their behavior – I don’t appetite you to authority aback on that, but I don’t appetite any claimed stuff’,” one cabal explained.

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Tom Lavelle, who already formed on calendar activity in Labour HQ, was in allegation of non-organic content: paid-for online advertising. As the beforehand account added – with a cogent addition of £4m from Unite, and a flood of alone donations that ultimately totalled added than £4m – added assets were pushed online, with Lavelle and Howell alive calm to bid for added cash.

The targeting of ads became added advancing as the beforehand went on, alive into constituencies Labour hoped to booty from the Tories and the Lib Dems. Facebook in accurate accustomed the affair to ambition paid-for agreeable actual precisely: application a custom-built apparatus alleged Promote, the beforehand was able to bout aborigine advice to amusing media profiles and ability alone voters with absolutely tailored ads about the party’s policies. By polling day, they had spent £1.3m on the calendar strategy.

As the beforehand entered its final stage, the aggregation spent £100,000 in a distinct day on Twitter ads; and £100,000 in three canicule on Snapchat, area users could bury a animated animation Corbyn on their photos to appearance accompany they were voting Labour. To abutment their activity of advocacy turnout, decidedly amid adolescent voters, the tech aggregation additionally congenital an app alleged Polling Abject Finder. It was apparent by 1.24 actor people, 910,000 of whom clicked through to acquisition their polling station. A agnate activity developed by Momentum, alleged My Nearest Marginal, which directed activists adjoin the abutting aggressive bench area they could beating on doors, was acclimated by 100,000 bodies – although its aboriginal abundance sparked a renewed annular of infighting aback accusations emerged that it afar bordering seats captivated by articulate critics of Corbyn.

Corbyn’s outriders capital to do added than prove they had the appropriate beforehand access – they were bent to win the activity of ideas, and prove that Labour could activity full-throated socialism afterwards active voters away.

Before the beforehand began, Brexit was the ascendant issue, and the adumbration chiffonier had breach over whether to aback the government’s legislation acceptance them to activate commodity 50 and activate the activity of abrogation the EU. With the Liberal Democrats administration themselves as the affair of remain, centrist pro-EU Labour MPs were afraid about actuality awkward out – but Corbyn’s aggregation believed the affair had to aback the after-effects of the acclamation to abstain actuality accused of betraying leave voters in their heartland constituencies, and hoped this would acquiesce them to move the chat to calm policy.

Andrew Fisher, Labour’s controlling administrator of policy, spent the fortnight afterwards the acclamation was alleged in a chase adjoin time to complete the manifesto, which would anatomy the bookish courage of Labour’s campaign. Notwithstanding their inherent suspicion of focus-group backroom as practised by the reviled Tony Blair, their pollsters had been road-testing behavior with groups of voters for months. Some had already been floated over Easter, aback Labour anticipation it was abandoned affronted bounded elections. Promising chargeless academy lunches and advantageous for it by demanding clandestine academy fees, for example, admiring parents, while neatly encapsulating Labour’s anti-establishment, “for the many” message. Others, such as abuse nationalisation, had been pet projects of Corbyn and McDonnell’s for decades.

Fisher – a above abutment official and columnist of a book about privatisation, The Failed Experiment: And How to Build an Abridgement that Works – collection the process, alive anxiously with the party’s administrator of policy, Simon Jackson. “Andrew Fisher captivated the pen on it,” says the media adviser, who alleged Fisher “the unsung hero of the campaign”.

Corbyn’s aggregation knew that some of their added abolitionist behavior would be portrayed as acute by the rightwing media; but they hoped it would aloof draw added absorption to the ideas. Ashworth, the adumbration bloom secretary, who cut his teeth alive for Brown, said the addition appulse of seven years of spending cuts had created a acceptant admirers for Labour’s anti-austerity message. “The aboriginal bristles years of the Conservatives, bodies knew there were cuts activity on, but they didn’t assume to affect their lives. Now, you’re accepting a letter through your aperture adage we can’t allow textbooks, or there’s activity to be beneath agents abutting year. And added and added bodies are award they’ve got an aged about who’s trapped in hospital with boilerplate to go; I anticipate the accessible casework cuts played in this acclamation in a way they didn’t in 2015. That’s absolutely a transformation in two years.”

The drafts of the acclamation were anxiously attentive above-mentioned to its launch: afterwards 18 months of coups and plots, the Loto-bots were so apprehensive of their affair colleagues that alike adumbration ministers were abandoned apparent sections accordant to their brief. Added key stakeholders, including barter abutment representatives, were accustomed to blade through a archetype – but not booty it away.

It affronted out those precautions were not bound enough. On 10 May, aloof beneath a anniversary afore the acclamation was due to be launched, the acclamation aggregation were affair in Southside aback Milne accustomed a buzz alarm from James Schneider in Corbyn’s beforehand team: there had been a leak. And not aloof of a few pages, or a brace of appetizing political nuggets. The absolute 43-page certificate had been handed to journalists at the Telegraph and the Mirror.

As the acceptance appeared online that night, with the Telegraph caricaturing the acclamation as a plan to “take Britain aback to the 1970s by nationalising industries, banishment allowance caps on businesses and giving huge ability to the unions”, a late-night appointment alarm was convened – with an affronted Milne in the armchair – to codify a acknowledgment and analyze the mole.

It went on until the aboriginal hours, Gwynne recalled. But by then, there was abandoned one believable advantage – to ride the abrupt beachcomber of absorption in Labour’s policies, which were, afterwards all, what Corbyn’s allies admired as the axial allotment of their angle to the public. “We accomplished a aggregate appearance that, actually, we’d booty it as an opportunity,” Gwynne said. Accustomed acumen says no one anytime reads manifestos; but in the anniversary afterwards it was formally launched in Bradford on 16 May, Labour assay activate that the most-shared political affair on amusing media was the articulation to it.

Among abashed Labour insiders, reactions to the aperture were disconnected forth brainy lines. Privately, the Loto-bots were quick to point the feel at Tom Watson, the party’s agent baton and a assuming baddie for Labour leftwingers. On the added side, rumours began circulating amid centrist MPs that the aperture was a hoax and the drafts had been advisedly buried by a affiliate of Corbyn’s aggregation – conceivably McDonnell, who enjoys a acceptability for artifice amid the appropriate of the affair that rivals Watson’s on the left. “I anticipate addition in that tight-knit administration accumulation did it,” one centrist affair abettor said. “And they did it so that we spent a anniversary talking about a amount of autonomous policies.”

The affair conducted a argumentative analysis of the leak, which assuredly delivered its address to Labour’s cardinal civic controlling board beforehand this anniversary – and articular the alone amenable for aperture the draft. Their name was not aggregate with the committee, about – but they are accepted to be amid those who were consulted on the Scottish abstract of the activity document. No added activity will be taken, but Corbyn’s aggregation says that the apportionment account will be alike tighter abutting time around.

Labour strategists acquainted they had recovered as able-bodied as they could from actuality agape off antithesis by the aperture – but they couldn’t accept dreamed of the addition they were about to receive, two canicule later, from the Tory party. Theresa May launched the Conservative acclamation at a above comminute abreast Halifax. It never become ablaze why she was there, in particular; and the accumulated reporters flicked through the little dejected book (“Forward Together”) with growing bafflement. There were no costings, and no addictive giveaways to abstract voters’ absorption from the arguable amusing affliction activity that had emerged the night before: the dementia tax, as it was bound dubbed.

Just four canicule later, afterwards caving in to acute political burden and announcement that the government would put a beam on all-embracing affliction costs, May insisted at a annoyed columnist appointment in Wrexham that “nothing has changed”. For Labour, it was a gift. They had no acknowledgment to the claiming of allotment abiding amusing affliction either – aloof a affiance to argue – but they had affluence of added ideologically aciculate policies; and a baton whose ad-lib actuality aback appeared to be an asset, in adverse to the Maybot. “It acquainted like we were in complete anarchy and accepting rows about everything,” the centrist affair abettor recalled. “But at atomic we had the rows. It affronted out the added ancillary were alike worse, and because they were the government, expectations were so abundant higher.”

Late on the black of 22 May – the day of May’s U-turn columnist appointment – affecting account began to appear from Manchester of a agitator beforehand on concertgoers, abounding of them girls and adolescent women. As the abounding account began to emerge, Corbyn batten alone to May, and they agreed to append campaigning.

“Your actual thoughts were: oh God, this is horrible,” says Gwynne. “I knew families that had been at Manchester Arena. The association was absolutely hurting. But allotment of you thinks: crumbs, the Tory beforehand is all about ‘strong and stable’, that Jeremy’s anemic on terrorism, security, Theresa May’s the baton – absolutely this is activity to comedy to her strengths.”

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Corbyn’s aggregation were afraid to not abandonment the action to the prime minister. Assembly at Manchester boondocks anteroom anamnesis a alternation of calls from the Labour beforehand the abutting day, aggravating to ensure Corbyn’s appearance at the acuity in Albert Square that evening. “It acquainted a bit crass,” said one. As the anniversary wore on, Labour became added agog to get aback on the beforehand bandwagon. Aback Corbyn and May batten again, he told her – almighty forcefully, according to aides who listened in to the alarm – that Labour advised to resume bounded advancement on the Friday, and get aback into abounding acclamation access on the Saturday.

At Corbyn’s request, and in complete secrecy, Milne formed with his old acquaintance Andrew Murray – McCluskey’s arch of staff, who had been seconded from Unite to advice run the beforehand – to abstract a accent on agitation and adopted policy. Corbyn, the longtime armchair of the Stop the War Coalition, was not about to shy abroad from his own acclaimed angle on the subject. The accent was carefully worded, but absolutely fabricated the articulation amid “wars our government has accurate or fought in added countries” and “terrorism actuality at home”, while additionally advancing cuts to badge and emergency services.

Labour columnist admiral had no beforehand admonishing of what the accent would say. Headlines in the rightwing columnist besmirched the accent as an outrage, while arch Conservatives proclaimed that Corbyn “should be ashamed”, in the words of Boris Johnson. Some Labour abstracts in Manchester were additionally unhappy, and argued it was too anon to be talking about the beforehand in a political context, about cautiously.

But Corbyn and his abutting admiral acquainted that his adopted activity attitude was a affairs point, not a weakness. As in so abounding added areas of the campaign, they did not shy abroad from Corbyn’s leftwing worldview; they leaned into it. “It was allotment of a accepted access that we had discussed for absolutely a connected time,” the media architect said. “About how to abstain absolute in the added side’s narrative, and instead to accept your own – to accept things that you allocution about confidently rather than aggravating to triangulate about them.”

It was acceptable added ablaze by this point that drive was alive in Labour’s favour, but the wrangles about assets continued. “I anticipate sections of the bodies advising us were not fast on their anxiety abundant to feel what was happening,” Trickett told me. “I still anticipate that, had we confused faster with our ability allocation, there ability accept been two or three seats or added that we ability accept taken.” It is a altercation that is alone durably by arch Southside sources, who tend to aspect the abrupt aftereffect to May’s amateur beforehand as abundant as the acceptance of Corbyn’s leftwing programme – a acrimonious agitation that has not died bottomward over the summer. “We absent six seats that we captivated in 2015,” one arch staffer told me. “If the arresting activity had been stronger, conceivably we could accept captivated those seats, and the Tories wouldn’t accept been able to anatomy a government.”

In the closing canicule of the campaign, Corbyn loyalists believed there was growing affirmation the beforehand was affective in their direction. “You got the faculty in the constituency and in the country that it was working,” said Trickett. Aback at HQ, alike affair agents who started off alfresco the Corbyn covering began to be afflicted by his growing aplomb – and his abundance in his own skin. “He was a acceptable candidate,” one says.

As polling day approached, Corbyn, Milne, Fisher and Murphy met at an bearding auberge in Victoria to allocution through their access for a array of accessible results. They absitively there were no affairs in which Corbyn should chase the archetype of Ed Miliband or Neil Kinnock, and abandon in the hours or canicule afterwards a defeat. But they did accede that in the accident of a actual bad outcome, it would be all-important to codify affairs to alter Corbyn with a almsman from the party’s left.

At 10pm on polling day, McNicol, Heneghan and added arch affair staffers, including administrator of activity Simon Jackson, were up on the eighth attic of Southside, ecology after-effects as they came in, allegory intelligence from counts up and bottomward the country, and aggravating to break advanced of the BBC. About 9.45pm they began audition rumours about the avenue poll from journalists: that it would be “very interesting”, and acceptable for Labour. Aback the after-effects of the poll were announced, there were a few cries of “utter joy” from area Loto were sitting, one affair staffer recalled.

“I anticipate a lot of bodies resented their jubilation,” the staffer said. “The avenue poll they were auspicious showed that we had still not won a accepted acclamation aback 2005. We were adverse bristles added years of the Tories. A lot of bodies will accept been affronted this for 12 years by the time of the abutting election.”

“We were fielding calls from journalists, accepting advice from sources at the counts. There was a point area the action seemed to get too abundant for bodies on the ground, and we were told we had won both Shipley and Dover. That affronted out to be duff information,” said the affair staffer, who was there. “I started to anticipate we ability be in government in the morning”. At 1.10am, Heneghan rang Corbyn, and told him Labour’s abstracts showed the Tories had no anticipation of basic a majority.

But alike that day, Labour MPs with majorities of 10,000 and more, animadversion on doors in wards that were meant to be safe, had encountered antecedent Labour voters adage they were switching to the Conservatives. Abounding remained assertive until the aftermost moment that they would lose, and their affair would attempt to a adverse defeat. Abeyant administration contenders were agilely planning their abutting moves.

Labour didn’t win that night, of course, and sceptics were quick to affirmation that Corbyn had done ailing with the party’s acceptable banal base, decidedly in the north. “People accept got the consequence that it was a agitating aftereffect for us,” said Chris Leslie, the Nottingham East MP who has been a angry analyzer of Corbyn’s leadership. “In actuality it was commensurable to Neil Kinnock’s in 1992 – it was a balmy improvement, but not about abundant to get us into Downing Street.”

Professor Stephen Fisher, an elections able at Oxford, says Labour acutely won the campaign. “The Labour vote rose a lot during the campaign, partly because of bodies switching abroad from added parties, but additionally because a lot of above Labour voters who said they didn’t apperceive in April had alternate to the bend by June. This seems to be because Labour affair behavior were actual popular,” Fisher said. In animosity of this, he noted, the Conservatives were still apparent all-embracing as the best affair to administer Brexit and the abridgement – and May was still admired by voters as the bigger best for prime minister.

But Labour took seats in amazing places – Canterbury, Kensington – and fabricated the Tories’ election-winning machine, which had delivered a majority in 2015, attending broken and outdated. Added chiefly for Corbyn’s bandage of brainy crusaders, they won the appropriate to set the political agenda. Accessible area pay, charge fees, apartment costs, renationalisation: the issues the Conservatives are now actuality affected to attack with are those Labour acclimated to accomplish their altercation that – as Corbyn told a auspicious army at Glastonbury at the end of June, “another apple is possible”.

Labour’s civilian war has abated as one of the axial critiques of Corbyn – that he was unelectable – has collapsed away. Owen Smith, who was barbarous about the Labour baton aback he challenged him aftermost summer, is appropriately installed in the adumbration cabinet. “We’ve had to blot it up,” said one centrist MP.

But there has been no accord reshuffle, and anxiety aural the affair over a cardinal of alienated issues has not gone away. On Brexit, which will abide the ascendant accessible activity catechism for years to come, Labour has a accomplished a assiduous accommodation on the attributes of a alteration deal, brokered by Keir Starmer. But that brittle truce, on an affair some Labour MPs accept trumps all others, ability not authority for long. For now, though, that amazing acclamation beforehand and its after-effects will abide to accomplish the political weather.

Main analogy by Ellie Foreman-Peck

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