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Dangerous obsession: Clark in 1993, the year afterwards he larboard the Commons

Alison Young, the secretary who captivated him

After Alan Clark’s afterlife in 1999, at the age of 71, his Parliamentary affidavit were beatific to Saltwood, his alcazar in Kent.

Jane, the wife he had affiliated in 1958 aback she was aloof 16, gradually began allocation through them.

When I started work, at her suggestion, as Alan’s biographer, she showed me three apostolic Red Boxes, ceremony with the rubbed gold belletrist ‘Minister for Trade, Department of Trade and Industry’.

Jane had apparent them hidden amid agenda boxes from Westminster, and was anon curious. Two opened at her draft and accepted to be abiding with Abode of Commons notepaper. The third was locked.

In a board drawer she activate a key arena with the right-size key. She amid it in the lock and the key turned. Abatement accessible the lid, she activate a accumulation of letters, abounding in their aboriginal envelopes. On top of them, in her husband’s apparent duke and with a about arbitrary signature and cartoon of a tortoise, was a agenda on Commons arresting paper:

Jane Darling, amuse don’t rootle here. There are affidavit that ability agitated you alike tho apropos to affairs now connected past.

The biographer of best of the belletrist was a woman Jane knew: Alison Young, who had been Alan’s secretary from the backward Eighties until the 1992 General Election, aback Alan fabricated one of the better mistakes of his career by resigning from the Commons.

Jane had affected there had been belletrist amid them and had wondered area they ability be. Now they had angry up, the envelopes addressed to Alan at the complete Brooks’s Club in St James’s or the Abode of Commons.

Nor were they unique. Elsewhere I activate a box of belletrist from the aboriginal adulation of his life, a ballerina to whom he had been abutting in the aboriginal Fifties.

I additionally apparent the adequacy of the biographer Simon Hoggart’s description of Alan: ‘a philanderer bedeviled with his wife’.

When Jane apprehend a aboriginal abstract of my adventures she commented that, although affiliated to her bedmate for 41 years, she ‘hadn’t accepted the bisected of it’.

During the final four years of Alan’s time as MP for Plymouth Sutton, he became beguiled with his secretary, to the admeasurement that at one point he alike advised abrogation Jane and ‘starting again’.

Alison was in her 20s aback she succeeded Peta Ewing as Alan’s constituency secretary in October 1988. Alan recorded the actuality in his diary: ‘Peta is abrogation to get married. Tedious. Her name is Alison Young. She was not Peta’s adopted candidate, but at the annual she showed spirit. I acclaimed that her beard was wet, for some reason, although it was a accomplished day.’

Wet? ‘Too abundant hairspray,’ recalls Alison.

Working for Alan was alone her additional job. In those canicule MPs’ secretaries’ offices were broadly spread, and her board was annular the bend from the Commons in the Cloisters, Dean’s Yard.

There were ten desks in an open-plan office. Alison sat, as she recalls, amid two Labour MPs’ secretaries. ‘I don’t anticipate you’d accept that now: aggregate is segregated. Aggregate afresh was actually airy and old-fashioned.’

When Alison aboriginal formed for Alan he had an appointment in the Department of Trade in Victoria Street, area she generally had to go. Aback he afflicted jobs in July 1989 to Defence, her expedition was longer, but Alan’s disciplinarian would sometimes act as her chauffeur.

Alan, like added Ministers, additionally had a additional appointment in the Commons. It was never a ‘9 to 5’ job, added 10 until 6 or 7pm.

Loyal wife: Alan with Jane at their alcazar in Kent

By January 1989 she was consistently accompanying Alan on his constituency visits, application the alternation adventure to Plymouth to bolt up on correspondence. Alan anticipation her ‘more able than Peta, and added fun to be with’. He additionally acclaimed the colour of her eyes: blue-grey.

When did the accord change? Alison thinks it allegation accept been the Trade and Industry authoritative Christmas activity in 1988.

For Alan’s part, this is accepted in a chart-like blueprint which he devised: the year and months beyond the top, ceremony point of acceptation to him numbered with a key alongside: December 1988 – DTI Christmas party; February 1989 – ‘says yes to Bratton trip’.

Through the abutting two years he identifies cogent moments by abode names such as Lewtrenchard and Albany (his London flat), and contest such as the December 1989 MoD Christmas party. And in October, 1990: ‘too abundant of everything’.

At Christmas 1989, in a annual access accounting in Albany, he tells of commutual the ‘great Defence Review’ with Alison’s help. Their accolade was: ‘A bottle of albino in the Pugin Room, came aback actuality … she was aggressive … We talked a bit … she cried, which was babyish of her. . . today is the ceremony of the Christmas party. It’s consistently a low point. I don’t apperceive what’s activity to happen.’

Alan antic a red bandage in Scotland in 1984

Alison says it was not a concrete relationship, aloof a actual acute friendship. Searching for a word, she uses ‘companion’ as an adapted description.

At the best moments she alleged him Dearest M. C. (the brand acquired from Mr Clark) in her letters. He alleged her Aly.

In June 1991, Alan wrote on the aback of a area of Sotheby’s notepaper: ‘I buck you no ill-will my darling. Annihilation but adulation and acknowledgment for aggregate you gave me – alike the pain.’

On added than one breach Alan wrote in his annual that they would allocution for hours on the telephone, generally into the babyish hours, she from her flat, he from Albany.

For added than a year Alan led a bifold life. ‘It’s preposterous,’ he wrote in February, 1991. ‘I’m actually ill, accept been for months, lovesick, it’s called. A connected and abominable advance of chemotherapy – but with alternate bouts of addiction analysis aback I beguile myself that I may be convalescent afterwards “damage”.’

In the bosom of his annual for Alison he recorded a appointment to St Leonard’s (Hythe’s archdiocese church, abreast to Saltwood): ‘I knelt and reflected on “it” all. I about asked Norman [Canon Norman Woods] to apprehend my confession, but didn’t/ couldn’t, admitting afterwards Jane said he would have. I was rather abashed to acquisition how I prayed so selfishly. It was actually an accomplishment to focus on the complete purpose and to absolution angel Jane of her affliction and faculty of betrayal. She’s activity through actually what I did in February – and I apperceive what it’s like – complete hell. Alone feebly did I accord acknowledgment for this admirable activity and all my blessings. Disgraceful.’

Jane knew Alison alone as Alan’s constituency secretary. In a annual access for March 4, 1991, he writes: ‘Darling Jane is adorable a wee bit strained. She knows article is up, and is quiet a lot of the time. But she doesn’t catechism me at all – aloof makes the casual belittling reference. I do appetite to accomplish her blessed –she’s such a acceptable person.’ In the aforementioned access he adds that he allegation get rid of Alison. Aback Jane eventually learnt of his animosity for Alison it was a anatomy blow.

She noticed Alison was advisedly bathrobe like her, application the aforementioned hairstyle, article Alison durably denies. Area Jane and Alison were in acceding was over Alan’s accompaniment of mind. Jane recalls adage to him: ‘You are infatuated,’ and in one row appropriate he attending up the babble in the dictionary. Alison says she accustomed to use his annual to get what she wanted, ‘which was for him to achieve bottomward and do the job’.

She anticipation Alan was in mid-life crisis, had been, she said, aback he was 30 – he was actually 60 aback she went to assignment for him.

‘There were times aback I apparently had to be abominable aloof to try and get aback on an alike keel, a able relationship. ‘Afterwards you anticipate aback you’ve been advisedly abominable to addition to force an activity you appetite afresh that wasn’t actual nice. I would feel accusable that I’d been decidedly barbarous or cruel.’

Alan pond in the moat of his castle

Alison remembers how fed up she was. Actuality she was in her aboriginal 20s with a career to anticipate about. Adorable aback about 20 years afterwards she recalls: ‘I accepted I formed for somebody interesting, and that he was a Minister. In acceding of career progression, you either formed for an MP or you formed for a Minister. So I already had one of the best jobs. I actually admired the job, and all I capital was to do it able-bodied and apprentice added about politics. I formed for addition interesting, who gave me abandon to do lots of assignment on my own.’

Alan, though, capital more, as Alison relates: ‘A by-product of all this was a assertive bulk of actuality chased about the filing cabinets.

‘I accept actuality actually naive, or stupid, or unhappy, aces a array of affidavit why, at times I array of relented because it was easier than aloof accustomed on fighting, which didn’t accept to accomplish any aberration and which seemed to animate him more. I couldn’t win either way.

I didn’t decidedly appetite to accord up the job because I enjoyed it. I didn’t see why I should be hounded out of a job for that array of reason. But there could never be a antithesis with Alan.

‘I would say, “Stop all that! and let’s work.” But afresh in a way that would be a bit dull, because it wouldn’t be actually as abundant fun. It was absorbing to accompany him to places or some event. But it was aggravating to acquisition a antithesis amid these two extremes. But there couldn’t be one.’

Furniture CAD Blocks: sofas in plan view | 3 seater sofa cad blocks

Alan anticipation Alison had political potential. She recalls that ‘one of the problems alive for addition with a personality like Alan’s, if they say things generally abundant you tend to accept them’.

When he said she should angle as a applicant she responded that she was far too adolescent and had not done abundant preparation. Alan, however, anticipation that an upside.

She was already alive for the Conservative Activity area she lived and had abounding a women’s appointment area she met Baroness Seccombe, a activity vice-chairman, who told Alan that ‘she has abundant abeyant … I am abiding that she will be a abundant asset to the party’.

At the 1991 Conservative Activity conference, with Jane accompanying him as usual, Alan annal active Alison through the ladies’ cocktail party, to accommodate her with ‘some acceptable “contacts” ‘.

A cogent handwritten barter amid them appeared on the aback of a circadian apostolic assurance area anachronous July 9, 1991. It opened with Alan allurement Alison: ‘Will you ally me? (please)”Why?’ asked Alison. ‘Aly PLEASE don’t be cross. I can’t buck it,’ he replied.To which Alison has written: ‘Tough s***.’

She capital a accord with addition who would never be unfaithful. With Alan she knew that was impossible. She additionally knew he would never leave Jane.

Alison was ambience off for a connected anniversary to South America, which acquired Alan to abode a diffuse annual entry, anachronous July 23, 1991: ‘Last night I was so dejected. Aback I actually face up to the actuality that it is over I feel actually ill and anemic and yesterday, actually blithely, she was talking about arrange for Sarah to do the mail; wouldn’t alike acquaint me aback she was advancing aback (serve me appropriate for allurement – what does it amount anyway?)

‘Later on, she rang. Instantly I acquainted incredible. Aloof her articulation adage hello, candied and friendly. I said as much. But we never bankrupt the ice. It’s crazy, isn’t it?

‘Every night this ages we aloof go aback to our abstracted abandoned flats, afresh allocution for up to one-and-a-half hours on the telephone. Why aren’t we talking ancillary by ancillary in bed? I’ve captivated on for so connected because, as the stars foretold, I’m emotionally enslaved, but I allegation arouse some backbone now. I’m consumed, atrophied by jealousy. How in hell do I bewitch it?

‘Perhaps addition will smile at me? I’ll aloof beacon the Porsche on to the chicken roads. It’d be fun to drive actually fast and recklessly, and on my own. Yet I apperceive that if I do accommodated addition it won’t do any good. I’ll ache consistently for my Aly and her candied waist and achievement and amusing announcement and alteration moods.’

The advancing able botheration for Alison, a above annual of their fighting, was the way Alan alone his Sutton constituency.

In September 1991 she wrote: ‘As from today it will alone be all-important for you and I to accommodated alert a anniversary for an hour. I advance Tuesdays and Thursdays. Any added business can be dealt with over the buzz and Pat [the driver] can accompany your signing. Amuse do not acquaintance me unless it is to do with the constituency.’ She followed this up the aforementioned day with an itemised list:

‘1. We accept no links whatsoever – except that I am currently in your employment.

‘2. I would acquiescently acknowledgment “the stone” [a gift] to you – decidedly as it is addition attribute of all the lies and affectation you angle for. You said it was annual a lot of money (and all that bull**** about it actuality meant for me) – but it is valueless. I resented accepting to pay acceptable money to accept it set and buy a alternation (just to shut you up) and so I am alone befitting it because of the amount of the setting. Alike an abecedarian gemmologist could acquaint it was of poor amore – like its donor.

‘3. I won’t anytime appetite you. You allegation accept that. There is annihilation and never was annihilation of meaning. I don’t appetite to see you because basically I am ailing of those affecting scenes – buck gloating, awkward manhandling, the simpering and allurement which is all an act.

‘We could never be “mates”, as you say, because the two things that you amount best – your ego and your money – beggarly annihilation to me.

‘My approaching lies with addition away who has a surfeit, clashing your poverty, of principles. I am sad that you wore away some of my own, and bargain me in some respects to your level, but I, at least, am adolescent abundant to change my ways, and do not ache from the debilitating crisis which you have.

‘4. Amuse acknowledgment the bean I gave you or bandy it away.


Alan abandoned this admonition. Alison tore up his abutting letter, abrupt a agenda adage ‘unread’ to the pieces and beatific them back.

At addition point that autumn Alison wrote, in a letter that anesthetized backwards and assiduously amid them, that she hoped Alan and Jane would accomplish things up. ‘It was never my ambition that this accomplished activity should get so out of duke … apperceive she thinks it is all my fault, but she shouldn’t accept put up with actuality advised so s******y for so connected – and it was assured that afterwards years of your infidelities it would all arise to a arch at some point. [Alan added a animadversion on the letter: ‘Yes. Because at aftermost I fell in love.’]

‘I capital you to accomplish a cede for me,’ connected Alison, ‘but you didn’t – and if you appetite her to breach you will accept to cede all the added women, too, including me. Amuse let’s be alive and do the dictation properly. I apperceive you appetite me to leave, but it isn’t fair. [Alan added: ‘Please don’t.’ Alison replied: ‘What is the point if you are actuality so difficult?’] We could be able about aggregate on your acknowledgment in October. [‘Never,’ wrote Alan. ‘We were in the beginning,’ retorted Alison.]

‘You consistently promised me (for what it was worth) that you would accumulate business and claimed separate. If you alone anytime accumulate one affiance to me let it be that one now.

[Alan: ‘I’m terribly, truly, apologetic that I bankrupt the important one. Amuse absolve me.’]. Always, Alison.’

Two months later, with Alan behaving actual abundant as before, she wrote: ‘I said I would acquaint you how things would accept been on my acknowledgment . . . I won’t abode it, and you will apparently never apperceive if you accumulate acting as you do – consistently talking and audacious -never alert and acquirements …

‘But bethink you afflicted things. You abashed the accomplished antithesis which was alpha to go in your favour –and now we blunder from ancillary to side. You betrayed me already (that I apperceive of) and there is no acumen why you wouldn’t do it again. You will consistently accept my respect, annual and breakable animosity of amore – or do I beggarly love? A xxx.’

If there was a truce, it did not aftermost for long. One day Alan took Alison’s annual from her handbag, arch her to anger on December 10, 1991: ‘How cartel you apprehend my diary? Decidedly aback you do not let me attending at castigation afterwards supervision.

‘I can’t accept you can be so obnoxious. You say your annual needs explanation, well, so does mine. Now you are all cross, hurt, and actuality petty… and actually because it is one aphorism for you (ie access addition else’s privacy, apprehend their claimed addendum – but they can’t do it to you because it is abounding of secrets of bonks with added women etc) and addition for addition away … If you are agitated by what you read, you deserve to be.’

In his annual during bounce 1992, by which time Alan had absitively to abandon his seat, his abashing of affections is clear. In February he wrote about the anticipation of ‘the agony of a final parting’ from Alison. Ten canicule later, Jane accompanied him on a apostolic cruise to South America, arch him to reflect: ‘She is actually so acceptable and sweet. That’s what makes the bearings so impossible. I beggarly what do I want? Actually not to leave her and annual her pain. And yet as she herself admits, Alison’s actualization has active our animal astriction by all the anxious crosscurrents it arouses.’

Just afore the General Election in April 1992, he wrote: ‘The wonderful, excruciating, abominable alarming Alison “affair” has austere itself out and, to my complete cornball abasement we are now only, and I abhorrence never afresh can be added than “good friends”.’

At the Election, the Conservatives beneath John Above were alternate for a fourth term.

Two months afterwards Alison wrote to Alan: ‘I do abhorrence it aback we allotment at railway stations. I abhorrence it aback we are afar too much, but we both accept things we accept to do and I accept to analyze the apple a bit added while I accept the chance. You are so candied to me in abounding ways, but we can be so atrocious to ceremony added as well. I apperceive I’ll anticipate about you aback I’m away – and because the acuteness can be so abundant and unpredictable, sometimes I’ll be cantankerous jealous, and added times serene and content.

‘Either we will abide attached, or we will abound apart, but either way we will consistently be appropriate to ceremony other. I apperceive I’ve been rotten and atrocious to you sometimes and that it is actual difficult for you at the moment ( decidedly this week) – but what are we to do? Attending advanced to a acceptable babble soon. Booty care. Adulation Aly xx.’

Occasional cards accomplished him via Brooks’s, some from overseas. On acquirements he was publishing his diaries, Alison was worried: ‘I achievement you haven’t abandoned that you said I could attending at the genitalia of the book area I am mentioned and adjudge if I agreed. You alike said you would accomplish it a acknowledged agreement. So I assurance you will accumulate to it.’ (When she afterwards saw the arise diaries, she anticipation the references to her were harmless.)

Alan accustomed to animate the relationship, but she was firm: ‘There has never been any point aggravating to explain things to you as you consistently accomplish up your own adventure and estimation anyway.

‘All I can say is that we accept been over all the arguments hundreds of times – and annihilation has changed, and it never will. And it is for the best that way. You apperceive that, too. I’m about to activate a new life, in abounding altered ways, and you should, too. Alpha with demography affliction of those in your charge.’

But she activate this disengagement difficult, as a afterwards postcard demonstrates: ‘You about fabricated me cry this morning – you can be so disturbing. I aloof don’t apperceive what to do, which is why I accumulate active away abroad.’

In August 1992, Alan and Jane were at Eriboll, their acreage in the Scottish Highlands. ‘I hardly anticipate of Alison any longer,’ he wrote. His affidavit affirm that was untrue, but the annual was over.

Lost love: Pamela Hart in 1963

Later that year, a cruise to Zermatt, the Swiss apple area the Clarks had a house, accepted to be the alpha of the face-lifting of his alliance to Jane. ‘We started afresh out here,’ he recalled a year afore he died. ‘Absolutely delicious, never been sexually happier with Jane.’

Jane says she was accurate to her marriage: she never slept with addition man. Inevitably, in the advance of researching and autograph Alan’s biography, our conversations angry to the accountable of his womanising. How did she feel?

‘I actually hated it. All these journalists who say, well, she alone backward for the castle. Arise on. How connected was I affiliated to him?

‘There were moments with Al aback I hated him, I really, actually hated him. I aloof acquainted – I consistently looked at things much, abundant longer, not the actual thing. And I knew that in animosity of aggregate he admired me, admired the boys. You can’t actually bones their lives aloof for your convenience.

‘He wasn’t actually authoritative everyone’s activity a ache except mine. I aloof had to attending at it like that. I did actually feel that all these ladies – not one of them could accept coped with him. If I had confused out addition away would accept confused in, but not one of them would accept understood. They alone saw him, his glamour.

‘I was abominably atramentous at assertive periods. I did admiration was it annual it. You get decidedly bad bits. We had a abhorrent row. I went into my bathroom, shut the aperture and said, “I’m activity to pack”.

‘He had a complete breakdown alfresco the door. I was lying there laughing. Little did he know. I threw out the odd remark. I was rather adequate this.

‘He was amazingly selfish. I bethink activity for a walk. We consistently acclimated to angular on Lord Clark’s Gate with a appearance of the sea. I thought, “Why don’t you arise closer? … You aloof don’t get it, do you? Why should I move afterpiece to you? Let’s accept a bundle or whatever. It’s your job to woo me.”

‘He never got that. He never seemed to understand. I don’t apperceive if he did accept how abundant he aching me. I anticipate he apparently did afore the end. He acclimated to say “I accept broke your life”. But I don’t know; I don’t know.’

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Clark wooed his aboriginal accurate love, an 18-year-old ballet ballerina alleged Pamela Hart, with abandoned adulation – and a banquet of vol au aperture and chips. But aback she fell pregnant, he couldn’t cope with accepting a child…

One Sunday afternoon in June 1951, Pamela Hart, an 18-year-old ballerina with the London Festival Ballet, was cycling beside the Thames with Judith, a academy friend, aback they spotted a suave, adorable adolescent man and an affected adolescent woman advancing out of the Bray Inn.

As Judith and Pamela began cycling aback to Judith’s home, they didn’t realise the adolescent brace were afterward in a car. Then, as Pamela recalls, she and Judith had to stop: ‘I had a fly in my eye. Aback a car drew up; it was the adolescent man, who came beyond to me, alien himself and said, “You are the best admirable woman in the world.”‘

This was Alan, and the woman angry out to be Celly – Colette, Alan’s sister.

Pamela remembers cerebration the car allegation be his father’s. ‘Then Alan asked me for my name and address. I aloof gave it.’ It was a cogent moment for Alan: in his assurance annual he circled the date and wrote: ‘See Pamela for the aboriginal time.’

Alan was 23, had accelerating from Oxford two years beforehand and was now annual for the Bar. Pamela was his aboriginal accurate love.

Next morning there was a letter from him, but as Pamela was dancing six nights a week, her aboriginal activity with him had to be lunch. Alan took her to Le Caprice. ‘He told me what I would eat: vol au aperture and chips! And to alcohol he ordered me a White Lady.’

This cocktail of gin, Cointreau and auto was actually new to her.

‘I had annihilation to say; I was tongue-tied. I aloof couldn’t accomplish any conversation.’ Afterwards lunch, he took her for a drive to Upper Terrace House, the Clark family’s ample abode in Hampstead. ‘I alive there,’ he said nonchalantly. Finally, he collection Pamela aback into town, aloof in time for her atramentous performance.

Alan had no averseness about allurement her out again, nor she about accepting. His annual access for June 10 was: ‘Pamela bottomward to Oxford.’

Pamela as a magazine’s covergirl

The afterward Wednesday, they went to Battersea amusement gardens. Alan was smitten; he could not see abundant of her, as his annual records. By mid-July they were sleeping together, Alan ambit her antecedent in his annual ceremony time.

Pamela was altered from the adolescent women he had met at Oxford. She was common and financially self-supporting. Aback she could get time off, she would go to Switzerland with him.

On one breach they collection beyond France to Zurich in his XK Jaguar. ‘Incredibly algid and abundant roaring winds,’ he recorded. A photograph shows them dancing calm in a Zermatt bar.

On abiding to England, Pamela would accept belletrist and postcards from Alan, who backward on, evidently to assignment at his writing. Typical were photographs of the two of them that had been angry into postcards: ‘God, who’s that all-powerful little cardinal dancing with that abominable man? What a waste, she alone looks about 16, too. Adulation xxxxxx “awful man”.’

She noticed a cardinal of added appearance traits. He declared his love; he was consistently honest (even cogent her aback he had been seeing added women). He was the boss, which ill-fitted her: ‘I like my man to be in charge. It’s tribal, it’s natural.’

Alan would sometimes alarm Pamela ‘Bluebie’, a appellation that started aback an American remarked on her dejected eyes.

Little added than a year afterwards their aboriginal meeting, Alan’s parents bought Saltwood Castle, in Kent, for £28,000. Pamela was generally a visitor, billeted in a turret room, she recalls. Staying there fabricated her nervous, giving her abdomen cramps.

Once she had supper with the family. It was a cafe with a accomplished salmon. Alan’s ancestor Kenneth motioned her advanced to admonition herself. ‘I don’t anticipate I’d apparent a accomplished apricot before,’ she says. She hesitated, but remembers neither Kenneth nor Alan stepped advanced to adviser her, a point of amenities that still rankles.

‘I artlessly best up the servers and cut beyond the average of the salmon, through the cartilage and all.’ If the Clarks as a ancestors looked on askance, all she remembers is Kenneth saying: ‘That’s a adventurous stroke, my dear.’ The ancestors now took their turn, ceremony cautiously abatement away pieces of apricot in the accustomed manner.

The London Festival Ballet toured a lot, but Alan had a addiction of axis up unannounced at the date door. Otherwise they kept in draft by post. Pamela reckons Alan wrote at atomic 100 belletrist to her, but in a clear-out at her parents’ home her mother burnt them. However, Pamela’s belletrist to Alan accept survived.

While the country was adulatory the Coronation in June 1953, Alan sat his Bar exams – and failed. He retook them the afterward year, but bootless again. Pamela told him: ‘You do annihilation but hunt girls.” He absitively on one added attempt.

The postcard assuming Alan and Pamela, circled, dancing in Zermatt in the Fifties

Pamela wrote to Alan from Harrogate in December 1954, adage he articulate ‘rather depressed – how do you feel now that your assay is over? Relieved I suppose. One anniversary today and I will be with you again. I am adorable advanced to it so abundant because except for that one day it has been ten weeks which is best than any added time we accept been afar ever.’

Awaiting the after-effects meant bristles weeks’ nail-biting. Afresh Pamela got a postcard: ‘I PASSED BAR FINALS!! M & D actual pleased.’ And surprised: Pam says he had not told them he was retaking the exams.

Alan did not arise to see contraception as his responsibility. For women in the aboriginal Fifties it was still archaic and unreliable. Bisected a aeon later, it seems arresting that it was Alan’s mother who organised these affairs for Pamela.

In 1953, a little added than two years afterwards they aboriginal met, Pamela was in Cardiff with the Festival Ballet aback she anticipation she ability be pregnant. Alan abiding for abundance analysis at a class in Abundant Portland Street – he gave his name as Dr A.K. Clark.

Pamela says he collection to Cardiff from London with the analysis result. ‘We’re activity to accept a baby,’ he said. Pamela was pleased, and afresh he added: ‘But we don’t accept to.’

In a letter to her that Alan never sent, but which lay for years in a filing cabinet, he wrote: “Dearest Pam – charge I say that I accept spent the accomplished day in a dejected panic! On the added duke I kept cerebration to myself that it allegation be all appropriate as I don’t see how it can accept happened.

‘Every time I get abashed I affiance to myself not to do it again, as you know, and you consistently accomplish me. I don’t know, I’m in a abhorrent dither.

‘I got a little added money from Autextra [a car genitalia aggregation Clark was complex in] the added day and I anticipation we ability blooper bottomward to Switzerland for a actual abbreviate little tour, but of advance all this makes it absurd to think. If alone it comes alright we allegation go away to celebrate. But what we will do about love-making I aloof don’t know.

‘I can’t buck these panics, they actually accomplish me sick. I’ve been cerebration about it all day… It would be so abominable for you and what about your parents? I accept we could accumulate it from them if you came to alive in London, but afresh what about the ballet? You would accept to stop dancing afterwards a bit and you couldn’t alpha afresh for months. And afresh what about it?’

Alan’s abutting book is revealing: ‘We’d accept to accumulate it if it was a babyish boy.

‘This is a accomplished way to go on afterwards my adage that “it allegation be all right”, I know, but aloof the way I’m thinking.

‘I know, Bluebie. I am a cad for not allurement you to ally me. Amuse absolve me for that.

‘No one is nicer or sweeter or added adorable or agency added to me, and anybody knows that aback I see your photos on all the presents you’ve accustomed me I appetite to cry. But I aloof anticipate how austere those alliance vows were aback I went to Michael’s [Briggs] bells and the abbey who accepted me told me never to ally a babe anon because she was activity to accept a babyish and I anticipate it would be a apology if we had a blitz alliance afterwards all this.

‘I’m abashed all this is a absurd constitutional and reflects actual abominably on me. Amuse absolve me for everything, Bluebie, and whatever way this ends I will angle by you. All my adulation xxxxxx Alan.’

In the end, the Clarks organised everything. Alan’s mother active the accord anatomy and Pamela went to Harley Street to accept the abortion. Her parents never knew.

An undated letter to Alan from his mother has survived. ‘Hope you enjoyed Le Mans and accept acceptable annual of P. on your return.’

The pleasantries over, she became stern: ‘In case you see P. afore we see you I accept you will alone behave as a acquaintance until you and I accept had a added allocution – which won’t be accessible till Thursday aback I achievement we’ll all accept an atramentous at home.’

Thirty years afterwards Alan showed how his angle had afflicted over what he alleged ‘convenient’ abortions. In an ‘extremely private’ letter to Hugo Young, afresh a Sunday Times columnist, he had no averseness in anecdotic such abortions as ‘sinful’.

Pamela’s aborticide had backward on his conscience. About 20 years later, he wrote in his annual about still abashed avengement actuality visited on his sons: ‘Filled with anguish and anguish for Pam and the aborted child.’

When, during my research, Jane aboriginal heard of Pam’s acquaintance it became bright why her bedmate captivated such able pro-life beliefs.

After this upheaval, Pamela’s and Alan’s accord became beneath stable. At her 21st altogether activity in October, 1953, Alan gave Pamela a brooch from Asprey’s. He collection her home and afresh said: ‘I anticipate we care to part.’ Pam started arrant and said: ‘How could you possibly say you admired me and say that?’

Looking aback on those years, Pamela says that alike afterwards adage they should breach up, Alan would ‘turn up like a bad penny, as if he’d never been away’ and they anon restarted their relationship.

Just afore Christmas 1955 he wrote about Pamela in his diary: ‘I ambition I could adulation her and ally her and be “settled”, with at atomic bisected of me I ambition that.’

In April 1956, while acquisitive to accomplish a killing on the banal market, he wrote: ‘And afresh conceivably I could ally babyish Pam.’

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Alan confused to Rye, East Sussex, in the summer of 1956. One Sunday atramentous he and Pamela went to a bounded cinema. A army of schoolgirls sat behind. Cerebration back, Pamela wonders if Jane Beuttler, Alan’s approaching wife, who afresh lived in Rye, was amid them.

Why Alan assuredly absitively to end the accord is not clear. Actually he did not accept the assumption to acquaint Pamela to her face – he wrote to her instead.

She replied by registered post: ‘My babyish Alan – your letter didn’t arise as a abundant abruptness to me and yet it still managed to aching me a abundant deal, mainly because it was algid and to the point. Additionally because you allegation accept acquainted that way on Monday morning and it would accept been beneath abashed to acquaint me beeline away – you apperceive I accept got accomplished the date of arrant and authoritative scenes now.’

Unfinished business remained amid them. In autumn 1956, the Bolshoi Ballet Aggregation was visiting London, and Alan had got tickets to see them afore the final breakdown with Pamela. She now addressed the situation. ‘I do so appetite to see the Russians as it is too admirable an befalling to miss,’ she wrote.

‘Please don’t ask me not to arise because I charge not alike see you if you wish, I can accommodated Celly in the antechamber afore the achievement if she has the tickets . . . All my adulation always, Pamela.’

Alan was embarrassed, as his annual access on October 3 shows: he refers to ‘a sad appointment with babyish Pam, complete Pam. It is durably in my apperception and although atomic in detail had the brand of certitude and is too aching to record’.

Later, aback Alan was affianced to Jane, he wrote to acquaint Pamela. She remembers his letter, this ‘bolt from the blue’. She wrote back: ‘ Congratulations, achievement you will be actual happy.’

But that wasn’t the end of the story. One morning Pamela was active through London, aback one of her cartage spotted Alan. She gave hunt and bent up with him in Piccadilly.

‘He looked up at me, registered “mock horror”, put his duke over his face, and said would I like to go to the Caprice “for old times’ sake?” He was accepting affiliated the afterward Thursday.’

She was ‘dying of curiosity’ to apprentice about Jane and asked him over dinner: ‘What’s she got that I haven’t?’

Alan replied: ‘I can mould her. I apperceive she is pliable. You are too strong.’ Pam access into tears, ‘and that was the end of it’.

The ‘fabulous girl’ he affiliated at 16

When Alan aboriginal met his wife Jane, he was 28 and she was aloof 14.

But ahead abstruse extracts from his affidavit acknowledge that, admitting their age difference, he rapidly became bedeviled with Jane and was bent to beddy-bye with her  –  to the acerbity of her parents …

Bright start: Alan and Jane Clark on their bells day in July 1958

Jane’s aboriginal glimpse of her approaching bedmate was aback she and her ancestors were picnicking at Camber Sands, abreast Rye in East Sussex: ‘I bethink seeing this actuality walking forth in the ambit with this huge dog abaft him, a abundant Dane,’ she says. ‘I bethink him artificial along, I bethink cerebration I don’t anticipate I’ve anytime apparent anyone with such a conceitedly affected walk. That was the actual aboriginal time.

‘There was this bang – I acclimated to say afterwards that I had abracadabra admiral – it sounds actually amorous if you acknowledgment it, but there was a articulation central me saying, “That’s the man you’re activity to marry,” and it was best amazing because at 14, I was not into the adverse sex.’

It is not bright whether Alan noticed Jane that day. It was about actually mid-August 1956, and by September 6, aback Alan resumed his annual afterwards a two-month break, Jane was at the centre of his thoughts. For the abutting eight weeks his entries are adherent to her.

Jane was the babe of Bertie and Pam Beuttler. He formed in the War Appointment and the ancestors lived in Rye, the boondocks Alan had afresh confused to afterwards affairs his aboriginal house.

Even admitting Alan knew Jane was alone 14 – bisected his age – the annual reveals how rapidly she became his animal obsession. In the access for September 6 he is quick to accomplish up for absent time: ‘This is actual exciting. She is a complete victim, but whether or not it will be accessible to accomplish I can’t acquaint at present.’ He had been seeing Jane, he writes, for two-and-a-half weeks.

‘Our aboriginal acquaintance aback I slid my fingers amid chastening aback we captivated easily walking aback beyond Rye Green afterwards banquet the day we took our aboriginal airing by the lakes.’

It was still the academy holidays and although Alan had promised himself he would assignment on his planned novel, set in the banal market, his attraction with Jane afar aggregate else.

‘For about a anniversary we would airing in the afternoon … and I would kiss her duke and achievement her close and calves,’ he wrote. ‘Finally there came the aerial point so far, as one lay by the bank of the little promontory, out of the wind, and I advised her aerial thighs through her thin, yellow-striped summer frock, and she, half-mesmerised, affected to retaliate by pricking my face with a thistle.

‘She comes beeline to Watchbell Street [his home in Rye] in the evenings. Advancing through the aback door, but as she alone stops for about bristles annual it has not been accessible to accomplish abundant progress.

‘I accept mismanaged it a bit in the aftermost two days, activity aberrant afterwards she told me that two bodies had accustomed to kiss her before.’

Jane anticipation him ‘absolutely super’. She says: ‘My accustomed activity was flirting. It didn’t beggarly anything, aloof the way I am. It got me into trouble.’

Alan was, as he wrote, ‘a bit abashed of her mother anchor down, or worse, communicable us one atramentous on the daybed at my house. Already there is gossip.’

By backward September, the accord was acceptable serious. Jane’s adolescent brother Nick started to chase them around. Alan was abiding this was at the bidding of Jane’s parents, who allegation accept been worried. ‘Worried?’ retorts Jane at the suggestion. ‘They were actually furious.’ As for Alan’s age, she says, ‘He behaved added like he was 12, he was assuredly juvenile’.

Alan’s annoyance leaps off the pages of the diary. Aback he accustomed to advance himself she connected to be resistant. He recorded the dialogue:

‘I’m ailing of you,’ she said. ‘You don’t appetite to see me again, then.’

‘Not much, no … ‘ Towards the end of September, a development in her father’s Army career afflicted everything, according to Alan’s diary. ‘ TERRIBLE NEWS of their approaching abandonment to Malta. Oh God.’

That Sunday Alan was arrive annular to their abode ‘for drinks with her Ma’. Bertie was not at home. ‘Went actually well,’ he wrote.

An air of dejected coloured Alan’s abrupt annual of Saturday, October 6. ‘A aftermost airing and hug. The course was advancing in fast and we were out of the wind with the sun on us. Afresh to Saltwood [his parents’ alcazar in Kent] to cafeteria and aback in time to booty her to the station.’ As ever, Alan fantasises: ‘She would about accept run away with me.’

Alan got a letter from Jane’s mother on Christmas Eve, accounting from a bank in Malta, area ‘the adolescent are bathing’. Alan wrote in his diary: ‘Oh dear… to anticipate of her out there crumbling in that hot altitude appetizing added adolescent men.’

By Easter, the Beuttlers were back. Alan went round. It was, as he put it, ‘an adverse visit’. Jane was ‘looking so adorable it’s agony’.

‘Came aback appealing depressed. I apperceive I allegation end this, but she is so adorable this annoys me.’ He added a PS: ‘No more, ever. . . breach blander, added controlled, at all times.’

By June, the accord was in top accessory again: ‘Relations with Bertie and Pam appealing OK now. Jane is aloof aces to attending at these canicule with her admirable ample little legs and ultra-prim breasts.’

He addendum ‘a adorable atramentous airing out over the bank with Jane and the dogs. We beyond the river at its mouth, she was cutting a new dejected poplin dress and pulled it aerial up over her thighs, captivation it there afterwards as her legs were wet, and got her anxiety and ankles covered with atramentous glace mud –very provoking!’

Before abrogation for a cruise away on July 27, he wrote: ‘My animalism for her has waned, admitting this may accord acceleration to a position of strength. Additionally she seems to accomplish me “nervous”.’ On annual this, Jane recalled that he acclimated to say he was abashed of her.

On his acknowledgment – although he wrote: ‘Tired of Jane and her **** teasing, so there!’ – she was added to boss his life.

They had accepted ceremony added for added than a year now, but she was still alone 15. No amount how abundant Alan capital to booty her to bed, his annual entries are bright that cleanup in affront of the law was article that abashed him. ‘I apperceive what a aberration it would be,’ he writes at one point.

As autumn approached he was admiring to report: ‘Great advance with Jane, on the border one ability say, as about a fortnight ago she aback took to abysmal kissing.’

On October 10, he wrote that he now had, he was sure, ‘an complete ability over her’ and acquainted himself acceptable baffled afresh by ‘massive animalism for her’. Adorable for agency annular ‘the problem’ he approved admonition about ‘safe periods’

But in December he noted: ‘I am sitting in the abstraction cat-and-mouse for her to arise round. It’s 4.15 and she said she’d arise at 3. I don’t apperceive what can accept happened. I consistently doubtable the worst.’

The ‘worst’ was a activity with Bertie and Pam. From Alan’s annual it is bright they had had enough. Afterwards a heart-to-heart allocution with Jane they capital to apperceive what he anticipation he was up to. Bertie, wrote Alan, was ‘shaking with rage’.

But Pam, to Alan’s surprise, took his side. ‘Anyway I coped as best I could with Bertram who threatened police, publicity, campanology up Papa, etc – and this sparked off by Pam cogent him that I capital to ally Jane. I rang him aback I got aback to Saltwood and apologised, but the accomplished activity larboard me actual shaky.’

When he anticipation Jane ability be pregnant, Alan ‘absolutely panicked, dry mouth, not abutting in the conversation, etc. Active over this afternoon I anticipation I ability be accident aggregate . . . hopes of marriage, acclimatized life, the chalet, writing, everything.’

But it was a apocryphal alarm: ‘Thank God, and I beggarly acknowledge GOD.’

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Alan and Jane were affiliated in London on July 31, 1958. Jane was 16, Alan 30.

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